Measured Building Surveys

At PCCE, we have a dedicated team to provide Measured Building Surveys.

Using Laser Scanning Technology together with High Precision Total Stations and Software, we can provide:

  • Floors Plans
  • Sections
  • Structural Details
  • Elevations
  • Point Cloud Data
  • Fly-Through’s


Some of our popular services.

Laser Scan Surveys

Using the latest Leica RTC 360 Laser Scanner, we can provide a fast and accurate way of capturing spatial detail of any infrastructure in 3D.

Engineering Surveys

A site control network is the framework of survey stations whose co-ordinates have been precisely determined and used in Setting-Out / Surveys.

Drone Surveys

At PCCE, we capture 3D data of your desired site location to produce 3D models. We use the latest developments in Drone Technology to capture digital terrain.

Peter Corrigan